Volunteer Programme Overview

Join Our Team and Provide Help and Hope.

The efforts of Damaris and her staff to rescue children in jeopardy would not be possible without the dedication of more than 20 committed volunteers and the generous financial support of thousands of caring individuals who make this vital work possible.

Shelter Home Volunteers.

Volunteers are needed to provide workshops at the Rahab Foundation shelter.Organize a 1.5-hour activity on a hobby or special interest (i.e. arts & crafts, makeup, improv, comedy, acting, animation, first aid, dance, yoga, jewelry making, magic, origami, self-defense, etc.). Volunteers are asked to provide all materials necessary for their activity.

Rahab Foundation Professional Volunteers.

Volunteers may also provide their professional services to the Rahab Foundtion shelter home.

Children of the night without walls (WOW)

Throughout the years, Rahab Foundation has gained the reputation as one of the most prominent and successful organizations in the nation addressing the needs of Kenya's sex trafficked children.

Rahab Foundation is a unique program with some specific characteristics that make its groundbreaking, award-winning, life-changing work possible:

  • ⦁ the commitment of its founder who has made Rahab Foundation her life's work
    ⦁ the independence from public/government funds which allows for unique programming and success.

Most shelters in Kenya are supported by federal funds and limit shelter services to a young person for a mere 21 days; therefore, young people move from shelter to shelter, on and off the streets to shabby motels, abandoned buildings, truck stops and other unstable living conditions.

Without the skilled and experienced support of trained Rahab Foundation staff, many of these programs will only serve as temporary warehouses for people trapped living on the street.

No one in Kenya is providing a continuum of care for young people once they leave detention centers or foster homes. As a result, this group of vulnerable youth tends to move between shelters, motels and the streets until they turn 18 and age out of the meager services available to them. WOW is the first program taking comprehensive education and mental health services to these kids wherever they are, providing them an opportunity to permanently escape life on the streets.

Rahab Foundation WOW is an exciting and challenging program that will leave an indelible mark on the standard of care for Kenya adolescents who receive out-of-home care and adults who have been unable to permanently escape life on the streets.