Program Description

The Rahab Foundation home is open to child prostitutes throughout Kenya, and the hotline is ready and able to rescue these children 24 hours a day. We provide free taxi for Nairobi's child prostitutes who wish to escape prostitution and live in our home.

Our hotline staff works closely with law enforcement to rescue children from vile, dominating pimps.

Our home features an on-site school and college placement program. After youngsters complete our rigorous and comprehensive program of academic and life-skills education, caseworkers are available to provide ongoing case management to hundreds of graduates.

In 2011, Damaris, Founder & President of Rahab Foundation, created "Rahab Foundation With Out Walls" (WOW) for the sole purpose of taking Children of the Night programs "back to the street" to help those who are unable to access traditional social and educational services.

WOW offers these people access to an education by providing free online assessments,tutoring, funding for the Test, support documents for registration to test and transportation to the testing sites throughout the Country.

Rahab Foundation WOW offers nationwide sophisticated case management for the mentally ill who are forced out on the streets without family or resources. WOW case managers provide access to Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration and government medical benefits so the totally disabled living on the street may have access to residential placements, psychiatric care, psychotropic medications, requisite transportation and hand-holding to access these services.

WOW connects volunteer lawyers, physicians, psychiatrists and other professionals nationwide to provide specialized services sometimes required to permanently remove people from life on the street.

Support services for Rahab Foundation WOW program are provided by our 24/7 hotline.